101 BAIL BONDS – Prescription for Trouble

Taking a vacation or just getting away for a long weekend can be just what the Doctor ordered. Loading up the car with all the things you need to make your getaway as relaxing, carefree, and enjoyable is just the beginning.

Packing what you need could become your prescription for trouble. The problem is printed on the label of that little plastic bottle. No, it’s not your name or the Doctor’s name, or even the name of what those pills or capsules are. It’s the number.

Imagine this scenario. The label reads; Take two capsules every six hours. Let’s suppose that your first installment is sixty capsules and you are allowed to refill the script three additional times. Now comes the math.

You will consume twelve pills per day and after four days, you only have twelve left, but you are going away for three days. What would you do? Most would get their prescription refilled before driving or jetting off for the holiday. That seems logical enough.

In an effort to save space while packing, you, in an effort to be practical, place the remaining twelve capsules from the first bottle into the new bottle, which contains sixty. Here’s the problem.

Sixty plus twelve equals seventy-two. You have more prescription drugs on you than allowed by that little label on the bottle. You are now in possession of a controlled substance illegally, because what you are holding is in excess of the prescribed number of pills. Get pulled over for something like running a traffic signal, stop sign, or not signaling properly and you have some explaining to do.

More common is the use of those plastic containers with the letters of the weekdays corresponding to the compartments. Innocently, people will carry these with them while traveling. Keep in mind that Police officers are not physicians. If you have no documentation you could be in for a ride to jail.

If you carry one of those compartment pill containers, you should also carry either the original or copies of all of your prescriptions. Remember; documentation can save you from incarceration. It sounds so trivial, but why give a member of Law Enforcement even an inkling of doubt. Back your medications up with all the authorization. A picture of your prescriptions on your Smart phone would probably do the trick. It’s a simple solution to keeping out of a headache of a situation.

One final note; it wouldn’t be advisable to carry the prescribed medicine of someone else. When the names don’t match, the handcuffs will latch.